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Men say what do with each other? As women three a few together, all sorts of chat affirmation not men, of course, the less men theme woman, how interesting will always be boring?. Also, men generally mouth usually are not ashamed, what can I declare, is usually the purpose of spectator, Jack is not too much, because after all, not married, married people they possess the right of discourse, together can also claimed. So, let me see who need a lot of male population of women. Among them, Zhang's story is probably the most be indulge in elaborating on the. Zhang, this year 19 yrs . old, but has become the father. His girlfriend, 17 best vibrators years old, has been pregnant pertaining to 5 months. He instantly feel wonderful pressure, a man is for making money, so, he chose cheap vibrators to get into the factory, moreover, we entered the China's major a meat factory, performance is also very good. I am 24 years old, five silver bullet vibrator years older when compared with him, but with him, I always think they know more than me, but as people Tetong unfreeze, liked. After work, he walked out of the factory gate, his wife came, the stomach has also been raised, to walk in my opinion is difficult. He gave me any wink, drunk laugh, "twins. " My thumbs, thought: this year, one too many, he could go, or two, in the future, he do this I don't generate income, I was afraid he was going crazy. Seven pm, he in the downstairs shouting me out towards the ball game, every time he is incredibly bothersome,, as long as observed me, the style of greeting is really a punch in the abdominal. This time, fortunately, advance guard, he did not realize success. To say that his or her skills, absolutely first-class, let I this certainly not inflow is pure foil, more of the moment, I even think this kid is intentional, he loved and My partner and i play is simply to locate a difference, play the supporting purpose. After all, there are good and bad, stick out a distance! 9 pm, two hours of exercise, I mean to head to his house, because he had done inside hotel kitchen, tasted his craft, was pretty good, but his mouth is: your sister this time, very bad temper, Untouchables. I immediately fight, you are younger in comparison with me ah, how is my sister-in-law, is my sister-in-law...... He did best vibrator say, Surrender: where are you intending? I pointed ahead, yes, food stalls. To bid a, every meal, I a small urge for food, he finger vibrator always point numerous, seemingly a kick to persuade me, eat more, eat more vegetables, finally went into their stomach. Drink beer, he is just tongue vibrator a small amount worse than me, but he is not the level of opposite end up wine glass just swig fun,, each drink a filthy. I doubt, I recently mind is definitely some unclean thoughts, it is influenced by him. He not only myself but also forced me to chat, I said not to, he took out his cellular phone, the investigation of violet jokes, let me read that to him. I have trouble while, I do not say, I this person similar to this, sometimes you bend, I'm stubborn. He sees me not saying, he took me within his arms, "well, I tell you a true. " I nodded.