Sara Jordan Powell

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”When life’s vicissitudes leave us feeling alone and forsaken, as was the plight of Jacob in the valley of despair, how comforting it is to suddenly find yourself accompanied by angels ascending and descending your ladder of hope, which is the case when Sara sings,&rdquosaid Bishop J.O. Patterson, former Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ, Inc.

“Thank you, Sara, for blessing my heart and cheering my spirit with your song.” These words from President Bill Clinton significantly embrace the mission of Sara Jordan Powell.

Whether she is ministering to a gathering of 500,000 or to a group of five, her inspirational message has raised the hopes, goals and aspirations of those striving for a better life. Throughout the world, her ministry in song and testimony has been a beacon of light to those in hospitals, convalescent homes, penal institutions, religious organizations, churches and schools.

Sara was formally educated in Houston, Texas, and she was a public high school teacher for ten years. She acquired a Master’s Degree in Christian Education form the University of Saint Thomas. Subsequently, she served as Academic Advisor at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Her appearance at the White House prompted praise from President Carter. “Best wishes to you, Sara, and thank you for your beautiful rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’ at our concert for the Black Music Association.” President Ronald Reagan called upon her as one of the few to serve on the committee for the Year of the Bible. Her leadership role was gratefully acknowledged by the President in one of their personal meetings. At her mission in Calcutta, India, Mother Teresa offered a personal prayer and these words, “God’s blessings on you, Sara, as you continue to radiate Christ.”

While Sara has sung for world leaders and dignitaries, it is with that same strong voice and indomitable spirit that she continues to bring solace and comfort to the homeless, hopeless, impoverished and imprisoned. She served for five years as the first Youth Director of the Gospel Music Workshop of America. She was appointed by the Founder, Rev. James Cleveland, who also produced three of Sara’s recording projects.

Sara’s induction in the gospel division of the ‘Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame’ occurred June 19, 2003.

Sara is a fourth generation member of the Church of God in Christ, Inc. She continues to fulfill the purpose for which she has been ordained and divinely called.

For ministry engagements, Contact: John Powell 918-494-7737 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            918-494-7737

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