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1, the sick People suffering from the ailment, physiological regulation function isn't longer in a standard state, especially those suffering through hypertension, coronary heart disease, sexual impulse can cause central nervous system enthusiasm, elevated blood pressure, vascular spasm, easy to induce huge dildos myocardial infarction as well as cerebral hemorrhage. 2, excessive fatigue The couple separated, cheap dildos the long-term business vacation, trip night or a longer period of strap on dildos time to be a part of physical labour, physical and mental low energy, then have sex vulnerable to sudden death. 3, drinking and sexual making love Some people attempt by handful of alcohol to the exhilaration of central nervous technique, their libido enhancement, this is not suitable. Stimulating effect of alcohol about the cardiovascular system can bring about the vascular spasm, blood flow, blood pressure, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disorders, leading to death. The effects of booze and sexual impulse pleasure together, more susceptible to. 4, mental stress Sexual intercourse in the particular mental stress, emotional instability, especially sexual relations over and above marriage, because spirit is worried, afraid that others locate or emotion, easily induced brutal dildos cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, sexual life death. 5, the age gap Men big dildos and women between age difference is too big, older age sex realistic dildos life may be a long time, the excitement is reasonably strong, and thus prone for you to sudden death. Japanese experts had special investigation, found that men who died through an average age of 46 years, while women with a typical age of 33, a difference of 13 years of age. 6, drug effects Some people in order to improve sexual desire, sexual abuse "Aphrodisiac", too impulsive, can make the person when sexual intercourse, sexual act violently way too hard ., it will also passed on of sudden death.